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Yiwu City advertising company win-win is a diversified set of print advertising books, exhibitions, in one of the media as a whole, since its inception in 2004, has been committed to the win-win advertising and help enterprises to do the brand and product promotion, and opened in more than 10 industries, namely, kitchen utensils, pots, cups, pens, Yanju flashlight and gifts, hairdressing equipment, locks, doors, electric tools, every industry will be the most professional point of view to integrate national manufacturers around resources, build a non smooth bridge for manufacturers. In order to strengthen communication and contact with local enterprises, has set up a win-win advertising office area, namely Guangdong, Ningbo, Hangzhou, Yongkang, more than a dozen places, through field visits to penetration of local enterprises, realize zero distance contact with customers, truly understand the enterprise actual situation and needs, an antidote against the disease. 2014 advertising win-win upgrade, two times of October 10, 2014 was formally established in Yiwu City, win-win Exhibition Services Ltd., create the most professional exhibition industry, through the diversification of sales channels to better serve enterprises, more perfect books and exhibitions are integrated in.2014 November 15-17, the first Chinese pen industry expo was ceremoniously held in Hangzhou Fenshui, very large the professional degree of influence in the industry in 2015, win-win advertising once again hosted the 3.28-30 has to spare no effort to catch up, China (Yongkang) electronic commerce Expo, Guangdong 4.28-30 stainless steel products Expo, Ningbo Expo, 12.16-19 China 10.18-20 flashlight Western stainless steel products trade fair, this is the success of the transformation of win-win advertising company.

We have many years of service in the domestic famous exhibition: more than 30 Canton Fair Exhibition, Shenzhen gift show, Beijing gift show, Shanghai department store will, Shanghai stationery exhibition, rum, Yongkang hardware exhibition, Yongkang door Expo, Shanghai furniture exhibition, Shandong gifts Linyi Expo, Guangzhou international hotel supplies exhibition, Yiwu Commodities Fair, Yiwu in many parts of hardware show, also by the majority of customers praise and support manufacturers. By participating in the relevant industry exhibition, while helping customers to promote brands, they also continue to learn and learn from the success, continuous progress and trimming, and achieve win-win situation.

All along, the company to professionalism, internationalization as the standard, dedicated efforts to enhance customer brand and make unremitting efforts. Company to brand management oriented, with the marketing department, design department, sales department, financial department, administration department and other five major operating system, has a team of high-quality, high-quality and efficient cooperation and coordination ability, is the foundation of customer trust. Win-win advertisement adhering to the interests of customers first, employees second, third of the company's business philosophy, the enterprise set up a perfect modern enterprise management system, in the future, has strong vitality and win-win development, each win-win people to create a strong brand and struggle, is committed to become the industry experts enterprise development division, professional, dedicated, specialized in all walks of life, to become one of the most professional and most extensive service enterprises Chinese strongest print and fair combination!

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